Tips to get in shape for summer

Fotor0603172115Summer beach season is almost here, so whether you want to lose some weight or simply tone up, getting your body beach-ready will take some work and dedication. This article will teach you how to get in shape without starving or torturing yourself.

Here are 6 healthy ways to get and stay in shape this summer with minimal effort and maximum health benefit.

1. Eat right

Studies have shown around 80% of any fitness goal depends on your diet, be it weight loss, muscular development or training for an event. Eating a good balance of clean carbohydrates, fresh protein and healthy fats will give you the energy to aid your fitness challenge and show results quickly.Eat at least five meals a day, but not five huge meals a day. Try to eat five small balanced meals. Digestion burns calories, and you are less inclined to overeat if you are not starving when it’s time to eat.

2. Avoid sitting for longer than 30 minutes at a time

If you are working in an office, just stand up and do some stretching every 30 minutes. People who sit in a desk for hours are at risk for chronic back pain. You burn 33 percent more calories when standing, and frequent walking around will help to stretch your muscles and improve your posture.

3. Keep Hydrated

Drink more water. Not only is it good for you, but it will also keep you feeling full without the calories. Not only will it keep you full, but it will also help you flush toxins out of your body. You should carry a bottle of water with you and drink often.

A little tip how to calculate how much water you body needs: Body weight KG x 0.03 = MINIMUM DAILY WATER INTAKE

4. Hit the stairs

Instead of taking the elevator, you can burn calories by taking the stairs up and down whenever you have the chance. You will burn a lot of calories just by bypassing the elevator. Give it a shot.

5. Regular Exercise

Working out three to four times per week is a great place to start, once you have your routine, stick to it and you will see the benefits. You’ll notice increased energy levels and your body will begin to adapt. That fitness goal will become ever closer.

6. Relaxing and Sleep

When the body is relaxing it is able to repair, after efforts of exercise, it will also relax the mind enabling you to mentally focus. Being mentally focused is almost as important as the exercise itself. The average person needs 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night! Some need a little more and some can get by on a little less. A key step to maintaining a healthy weight is also getting enough sleep

By following these simple steps, you will be able to burn more calories and tighten up your body for summer. Although these tips may seem self evident, many people do not realize how effective they are.

Follow them and you will be ready for this summer! 🙂

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