Health Tips: 6 Benefits of Watermelon

dinnyetal_blogter_huWatermelon might sound nothing more but just FRUITS that can be found at almost anywhere and everywhere! People usually enjoy eating because of the sweetness and juiciness. But, how many of you know the wonder of this sweet fruit?


Here are 6 benefits of watermelon:

1 – Good Antioxidants – Watermelon contains antioxidant such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C that helps in preventing cell damage, neutralizing and also removing free radicals.

2 – Rich in Potassium – Maintain the blood pressure. This is essential for us to maintain the ideal blood pressure to prevent other diseases such as stroke and heart disease.

3 – Concentrated Carotenoids – Carotenoids is the red pigments found in watermelon that can prevent cancer. These components also can be found in red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots.

4 – Fats Free – Watermelon has zero fats and low in calories! A perfect finger food to lose weight!

5 – Rich in Water – Watermelon has very dense amount of water that helps in rehydrate a human body! Those who do not like to drink plain water can always opt for watermelon to keep hydrated.

6 – Rich in Fibre – The fibre can assist in losing weight, avoiding constipation, preventing diabetes and also heart attack.

Enjoy this delicious fruit and have a a wonderful weekend!