One year blog anniversary + Giveaway!!!

Hello everybody!

Hope you are ok, and having a great day. I was a little sick lately, but now I’m back!

I am very happy to announce that this weekend (April 26) it is my Blogs official Birthday!

So I want to thank you all of you for supporting me by reading my articles, commenting and giving me so many nice feedbacks. It makes me so happy to help and inform you with my articles, so I decided to show YOU, my appreciation!

I am organizing a GIVEAWAY! Open worldwide!

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Good Luck!

Giveaway ends Monday night. :*

About my Holiday!

bea1Hi everybody!

I am so so sorry for not posting for such a long time ago, but August for me it was so complicated. I had a lot of stuff on my mind, new projects that I am involved in, my classes at the gym, doing personal training, some personal stuff and finally, at the end of August, I went on a well deserved holiday. I was really out of power, out of strength, but I will not talk about that, I will tell you about my beautiful vacation on a magical island! Those of you guys who are following me on my Facebook page, were able to see some posts from my vacation. I did not have internet connection there, so when me and my friends went to the actual little city centre of the island, in some restaurants or clubs, I always posted something for you 🙂

croatia blog

This place that I call magical is in Croatia; the Island name is Brač. Me and my friends were located near Bol, a town on the south of the island. We rented a nice apartment house, 70 m from the beach. When we arrived we could not believe how beautiful this place can be, like it was another world. So savage, just nature and the sea, lots of fruit trees like figs, pomegranate, kiwis, orange and lime trees.

When I entered in my room I was just amazed by the view from the window. Here are some photos, so you can see why…


We spent there almost 2 weeks and we had a lot of fun. One day we rented a boat and went on a boat trip around the island, we made photos, we jumped from the boat in different styles and also we had a birthday party on the boat, with birthday cake and champagne.


On other days we were just lying on the beach getting some nice tan, or playing in the water and of course making lots of photos 🙂

Usually in the night we went to the centre of the town to try out some restaurants, clubs. For me it was a little difficult because I do not like fish and in Croatia the basic food is fish. They can prepare a fish in 50 different ways, so you can imagine that on the menu was mostly fish, see food and lobster. But Croatian people were very kind all the time; they offered to prepare for me some risotto, grilled vegetables or some pasta.  As some of you may know, I prefer the Italian, Greek or Spanish cuisine, so they made it possible for me.

Brač has the highest island point in the Adriatic Sea, it’s called Vidova Gora. Of course we visited it and I made some push-ups there,  hahahahaha, really! I have proof! The view from the top was breathtaking, for these kinds of moments I like to live!

I only did one or two workouts while I was on vacation, and those I made for you guys. I did a workout on the beach, so be prepared for it 🙂

On the other days we went hiking on the rocky and wild surroundings of the island, we made swimming competitions, we even caught some fishes from the sea and all kind of funny stuff.

Now I feel like in the 6th grade writing a composition about my vacation hahahhahah, but I really wanted to share with you one of my best holidays ever.

Also, I want to make a little promise to myself and to you… well it’s not necessarily a promise, because I don’t really believe in promises :), but I want to post from now on more often, like 2-3 times a week. I hope my spare time will let me accomplish this.

Have a very nice day everybody and I hope to see you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow with a new post  :*